Lawn watering

October 04, 2019 | by Joe

When there is insufficient rainfall and hot weather you will notice lawns starting to turn brown and dry. This is the grasses natural defence to drought conditions by going into a dormant state. Lawns will often recover from this once it receives enough water but extended periods of drought can severely damage the lawn. Depending on your soil type and the health of your grass, some lawns will go in to dormancy quicker than others.

If you want to maintain a lush green lawn even in drought conditions then you will need to water your lawn. Newly laid turf or recently renovated lawns will need plenty of water to survive dry periods.


How should I water my lawn

This depends on many factors such as rainfall, temperatures, wind, soil type, grass type and the overall health of your lawn. Some lawns may require watering once or twice per week in certain conditions where other lawns may require considerably less.

Lawn watering is something that should be done as soon as you see signs that it needs it. The first signs are the lawn will start to look a little dull in colour and when you walk on it the grass blades will not spring back as quickly, leaving foot marks in the lawn. If you wait till the lawn is going brown you have left it too long.

Watering your little and often will promote shallow rooting which reduces the lawns ability to deal with drought naturally. It also promotes weeds, moss, weed grasses and disease in the lawn.

Watering heavily when your lawn needs it is the best thing to do. This mimics natural rainfall and encourages the grass roots to search for water and grow deeper into the soil. Watering early morning or evening is best when the is less chance of sun and wind causing evaporation.

You can measure how much water you are putting down by placing a container on the lawn before switch the sprinkler on. Once the container is about 15 to 25mm full you will have given an adequate amount of water. Clay soils will probably need 15mm and sandy soils 25mm. If you time how long it takes to fill the container to the desired level you then know how long to water your lawn for.

Keeping your lawn cut on a higher setting during dry conditions will also help the lawn to retain moisture and stay greener for longer.

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