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Garden Design Service

If you want to make your garden the envy of your neighbours and a unique well thought out space then you may want to consider getting a Garden Design, and it may be more affordable than you think.

Strong Design Concept- A good garden designer will consider the style, mood and functionality of the space you wish to change and use their skills to bring those things together and create a design based on your ideas and requirements. A designer may be able to come up with ideas when you are unsure exactly what you want.

Experience- An experienced garden designer will have a good idea on what works well to maximise your type of space whether it's small, large or challenging to make use of. They will have knowledge of different materials and finishes available and even what lighting effects are possible.

A solid plan- A designer will take into consideration lovely views, privacy, eyesores and accessibility as well as maximising the space available to create a coherent plan so you can see what you are getting. This allows you to either get your dream garden done in one go or work towards it in stages rather than getting inferior work done and making unnecessary changes.

Value- Having a well designed and constructed garden can ad value to your property making it a wise investment as well as making your garden a beautiful and enjoyable space to be in. As well as this, paying for a good design and making use of a designers skills and experience you will get more value for your money than.

    Benefits of getting a Garden Design

  • Strong Design Concept

  • Experience

  • A solid plan

  • Value

Why choose us

We offer a full garden design and build service and can guide you from an initial FREE consultation, through quotation, adjusting to suit budget and building the new outdoor space for you.

We have over 15 years experience in landscaping and pride ourselves on ensuring that the work we carry out is always completed to a high standard and work hard to deliver what we say we will, when we say we will.


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The Process

Step 1 - Contact us via phone call, email or through our facebook page. We will set up an initial FREE consultation with our designer and landscaper to discuss your requirements and come up with concepts and ideas.

Step 2 - Our design team will provide you with a Free quotation for the design based on the size and detail of the design required. 

Step 3 - On agreement with the quotation, our designer will complete a detailed on site survey to get measurements and level variations of the garden in order to come up with a workable design

Step 4 - Our designer will create a first draft design and send this over to you. Included in the cost you will have up to 2 more re-draws free of charge to allow for changes you wish to make and budget requirments.

Step 5 - Once you are reasonably happy with the design concept our landscaping team can provide a Free quotation and check that this is within budget. At this stage you can make use of the re-draws if necessary to make alterations to suit budget

Step 6 - Once the quotation is agreed we can make arrangements to start work. Our designer will keep in close contact to answer any queries or make slight adjustments if needed.



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