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Most lawns require a balance of nutrients to achieve a green and healthy sward

Unlike many other lawn care companies, Mow and Grow uses either 100% or 50% organic fertilisers containing soil bacteria, mycorrhizal and other beneficial fungi found in naturally healthy soil.


The aim is to create a healthy lawn. This is done with biologically active soil which will support the finer perennial grasses and increase the plants natural defences to disease, drought and thatch build up. Creating a healthy soil creates a healthy lawn and reduces the need for excessive inorganic high nitrogen fertilisers and fungicides and produces a stronger grass plant.


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Spring Lawn Treatment

A granular slow release organic fertiliser. This feed stimulates low light and cool season growth. This feed contains biostimulants to condition the soil

Late spring lawn treatment

You are never too late. Mow & Grow can apply a selective herbicide to control weeds in the lawn without killing the grass.Giving you the most effective spring grass treatment.

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Summer Lawn Treatments

A granular 50% Organic fertiliser containing bacteria and fungi. This feed gives immediate growth with a slow release element. Fungi converts thatch into humus which feeds the plant.

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Autumn Lawn Treatment

A granular part organic fertiliser high in potassium containing mycorrhizea, bacteria, soil fungi and seaweed. This feed improves root mass, increases nutrient uptake and tolerance to stress.

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Winter Lawn Treatment

Either another application of the Autumn feed or Liquid Iron if Moss control is required. This feed/treatment is to harden the turf or control moss in the lawn.

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