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Correct mowing is the most important task in achieving and maintaining a high-quality fine lawn. Out if all lawn care tasks lawn mowing takes the vast majority of the time so it makes sense to do it right. lawn cutting service

Mowing your lawn at the correct height and frequency throughout the growing season greatly improves the density, colour, root growth and general health of your turf as well as reducing space for weeds and moss too.

Many people do not have the time or may find this too much of a chore, especially if they do not have proper equipment to do the job efficiently.

Mow and Grow offers a regular mowing service, either fortnightly or more regularly which we recommend. We use professional and well maintained lawn mowers with rear rollers to give your lawn that classic stripped effect.

    Lawn cutting service benefits

  • Reular mowing lets you control pests and keep your lawn healthy.

  • Improves the density, colour, root growth.

  • More free time

  • A professional eye watching your gardens health throughout the seasons

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