Re-turf garden

If you would like a new lawn or your existing lawn is beyond repair Mow and Grow offers a high quality professional turf laying service using only the best quality topsoil and premium suitable turf.



Our Turf Laying process

  1. Removal of existing lawn- The old turf and thatch layer will be stripped off using a petrol turf cutter and disposed of at a green waste compost facility
  2. Rotovation- The ground will be broken up using a high-powered petrol rotovator to de-compact the soil
  3. Soil ammendments- If your existing soil is poor we can bring in premium topsoil, compost or horticultural grit sand to improve the rootzone and get a fine tilth before levelling the ground. Soil may also be brought in to raise levels.
  4. Preperation- The ground will be raked level and lightly compacted under foot or rolled before raking over once more. After this a professional organic starter lawn feed will be spread as well as an inoculant spray to greatly improve root development, drought tolerance and disease resistance of your new turf.
  5. Turf Laying- Suitable premium quality turf will be laid and rolled to ensure good contact with soil. The turf will then be given its first watering in.
  6. Aftercare/maintenance- Mow and Grow offers and recommends a lawn treatment programme to keep your new lawn strong, lush and green. We also offer a regular mowing service so you can just sit back and enjoy your lawn. If you wish to maintain your lawn yourself we can send you some top tips for looking after your new lawn.

    Why you may choose to re turf your garden

  • You want a new lawn quickly

  • Your existing lawn is on very poor soil (Newbuild lawns are often laid on very poor soil)

  • Lawn levels are very uneven

  • Your lawn has a severe pest infestation

  • Hard to treat weeds

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