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When planning contemporary garden design ideas, there are a number of factors to consider. What aesthetic do you want to project? The functionality of the garden space. And who is going to use it the most? Chances are, dog owners will want to spend their time playing with their pets in their garden. But, it is important to ensure the garden space takes their needs into consideration.

Here at Mow & Grow, we work with homeowners in the Northampton area; listening to their specific requirements. It is important to factor in pets for your garden design ideas; whether this is a complete re-design, or simply adapting your existing lawn and adding dog-friendly elements. Find out more below.


Dog-Friendly Plants

Many poisonous plants are also lethal to humans, thus they should be avoided if you have young children. You must use your own judgement in all of these situations. Knowing your dog and his or her behaviour is critical since a dog left alone in the garden may become bored and more prone to dig up and/or consume plants that aren’t good for him or her.

Plants that are toxic to dogs include:

  • Holly / Ilex
  • Foxglove
  • Elephant Ears / Bergenia
  • Cherry Laurel


Think About Landscaping Design Elements

Paths and surfaces, for example, are great surfaces for dog-friendly contemporary gardens. This is because, due to hectic lives, dog owners may be forced to use their garden as a source of exercise for their pets. Going for a walk in the woods isn’t always possible due to work and family obligations.

As a result, it’s critical that your garden’s paths and surfaces allow a dog to stroll and run if at all possible. Dogs can scratch their claws while they run on hard man-made terrains like paths, eliminating the need for constant nail cutting. It also serves as a convenient cleaning surface for hosing down any spills.

A beautiful and functional patio can be created by combining pavers and compressed hardcore. For more information on our landscaping services, click here.


Artificial Grass

For some homeowners, artificial grass is a contentious topic, but it is a worthwhile option to consider for your dogs. On real grass, sometimes yellow circles can be left behind from where the dog has urinated. Whereas, with synthetic grass, this problem is averted.

Artificial grass has a variety of sub-bases. Avoid using a padded foundation since it can trap odours. Instead, use three to four inches of Type 1 aggregate to level the surface, then one inch of granite dust on top. Any liquids will just drain through this method.

Find out more about our lawn turfing services here, or read more about the benefits of artificial grass on our previous blog.


Make it Escape Proof

For contemporary garden design ideas, think about different ways your pet could escape throughout the layout. Fences, gates and other boundaries need to be secure; make sure your lawn care company tests the facilities when installing, ensuring safety and security.

In the case of smaller dogs, ensure your garden space avoids trenches close to the fence. You want to avoid a Great Escape at all costs.


Keep Them Cool

Don’t you just love the shade after a long day in the sun? Most dogs love laying in the sun, but after a while, they will start to overheat. We recommend ensuring there is shade available throughout your modern garden designs; allowing them to relax with ease.

Shade can be difficult to achieve in tiny gardens if there isn’t enough room for mature trees. Utilise trees that are easy to cultivate in pots. They’re small and can cast a low shadow; whilst the contemporary garden design ideas are also fairly safe for dogs to eat if they get their teeth into any of the leaves.


Mow & Grow

Mow & Grow is a professional lawn care company that puts its customers first. With over 15 years of experience, our lawn care experts can help with a variety of services; including landscaping, creating contemporary garden design ideas and providing a lawn mow service. 

Based in the Northamptonshire area, we provide local landscaping in towns such as Kettering and Wellingborough, in addition to a free consultation to those in the area. To find out more about garden design, check out our services page here.

For more information on our lawn care service, or to receive a free quote, why not fill in our online form? Or, follow us on Instagram to get lawn care tips delivered straight to your feed.  


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