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You might not think that lawn disease exists; thinking it is only a human condition. That is why overall grass maintenance will spot these problems so that necessary changes can be made. It rarely causes serious problems, but to maintain your garden’s health and strength, is it important to identify lawn disease; get regular grass treatments and make sure the lawn is properly watered and trimmed.


To begin with, there are a variety of lawn diseases that are typically triggered when the grass has become too stressed and hence, prone to illness. Drought, moss, compaction or even cutting the grass too short can all be stress factors. Make sure you work with a professional lawn care company in order to suitably treat your lawn.


Red Thread

The most common lawn disease in the UK is Red Thread. Fortunately, the illness is not too harmful because it rarely kills the grassroots. Although recovery normally occurs without minimal assistance, it can be unattractive for several weeks during an outbreak. A little pink fungus appears on the plant’s leaf in the early stages of the disease, which then causes the leaf to turn a bleached colour in the later stages. 


Red Thread can strike at any time of year, but outbreaks are more likely under certain weather patterns. Therefore, regular grass maintenance should be committed to identifying the warning signs. 


Some grass varieties are more sensitive than others, and lawns planted on inert soils or soils with limited nutritional capacity are often the worst affected. Regular lawn aeration can help; find out more about our lawn care services here


Leaf Spot

This disease is caused by a variety of fungi and spreads quickly. This disease thrives in hot, humid temperatures, and spores of the fungus are spread by water splash.

Because a stressed plant is more likely to be affected than one that is healthy, making sure the grass is adequately fed and watered can assist. 


Make sure for your lawn mow service, that the blades are sharp and that the grass is not trimmed too short. Grass maintenance from a professional lawn care company can help with this; using only the best equipment in the industry. Lawn aeration and lawn scarification can also help with this; minimising the risk of disease and keeping the sward healthy.


Fairy Rings 

Even though the surface area is different, Fairy Rings are familiar to Dry Patch, in the way the fungus grows in the soil. Fairy Rings are most commonly created by decaying organic materials in the earth, such as old tree roots and other debris. Toadstools are also produced by Fairy Rings and appear at specific times of the year.


Fairy Rings, like Dry Patch, can be treated with fungicides and wetting chemicals, but success is uncertain. Unfortunately, the only option is to excavate and remove up to 450mm of soil from the diseased region, then replace it before re-seeding or turfing. Find out more about our lawn treatments here.


Mow With Us

Mow & Grow is a lawn care company that puts its customers first. With years of experience in treating lawns, we focus on delivering high-quality services to transform gardens into spaces for relaxation. Based in the Northamptonshire area, we provide local landscaping in towns such as Kettering and Wellingborough. From the initial free consultation to final constructions; our in-depth grass maintenance will guarantee you will be happy with the ending piece.

For more information on how to get a lawn treatment plan, or to receive a free quote, why not fill in our online form? Or, follow us on Instagram and find out about common lawn treatment mistakes.         

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