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Summer will soon be here and who doesn’t want to be able to relax in their garden? BBQ on the go and a cider in your hand. Sounds ideal right? But how can you achieve this? It is important for the sake of your garden’s state of mind to take care of it all throughout the year. Check out this helpful guide on how to get the perfect lawn.


Mowing is a great and easy way to maintain your lawn throughout the year. But it is important to make sure you are properly looking after your tools. Your mower should be fully serviced and checked over before mowing; usually kept away in a shed or garage so it is not affected by severe weather conditions. Remember to check the blades, ensuring that they are sharp enough for a clean cut. Mowing also depends on the season. Not of the witch; but the seasons of late autumn and winter will more than likely hinder the growth of grass. Work with a local grass cutting service to establish the perfect time to mow and how to get the perfect lawn; optimising the weather conditions and facilities.


Before mowing, make sure all the lawn is clear of debris. Whether this is fallen sticks, stones or even kids toys; all this can damage your mower if not found and cause future problems. And this includes dead grass or thatch. Why not scarify your lawns first? Ensure your grass is healthy before starting to cut. A lawn care professional can help you find out when to scarify lawns. Find out more here!


Set the height so you are not removing more than 1/3 of the lawn turf at any point. Also, make sure you are changing direction, instead of just following the same lines. This will help the blades grow straighter and healthier.


Lawn Treatments

Lawn treatments are a great way to maintain a healthy lawn all year round. There are considerations that need to be taken in regards to what treatment will work the best for your garden. These include the particular season, the current state of the lawn, the pH level of the soil and how much shade and sunlight there is. Here at Mow& Grow, we offer a range of treatments that can maintain your common lawn problems. But there are some basics that you could do!


Throughout the year, applying seasonal fertiliser can help your grass grow healthier and richer in quality. Between these treatments, you can also keep on top with lawn care and kill any weeds. Also, by aerating your grass, you can in addition get air and nutrients straight into the roots.


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Our Services

But who has the time? Consulting with a local lawn treatment service is a great way to hand over this responsibility to the green hands of someone who knows what they’re talking about.


Mow & Grow are a lawn care professional team that offers a wide range of services that includes lawn treatments and lawn care tips for our customers. Whether it be landscaping services or just a general tidy up, we can transform your outdoor space into somewhere to unwind at the end of the day. Let us show you how to get the perfect lawn.

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