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As a local lawn care company, here at Mow & Grow, we are experienced in all kinds of services. Including returfing lawn. A perfectly turfed lawn adds wonders to any garden, especially in warmer months when you are more likely to want to use an outdoor space. There are basic steps to get the perfect lawn and maintain it no matter the weather with a professional lawn treatment plan.


Soil Preparation

Firstly, it is important to properly prepare the existing soil before applying any new lawn turf. But, don’t just bin this, depose the old lawn at a green compost facility. The more you remove your existing turf, the better chance your new turf will be able to handle severe weather conditions. Make sure at this step that any debris, roots or thatch is removed, to not affect the returfing lawn process. For more information on turfing, click here.

As tempting as it might be, never lay your new turf over existing grass. You might think this will save time, which it will, but not in the long term. As the old grass starts to die, this can cause your returfed lawn to become unlevel; as thatch builds up. If you do not have time to fully returf yourself, why not hire a professional?

Then it’s time to rotavate or spade the garden, making sure that the soil is all level. In this step, you can also add any fertiliser or compost; work with a professional lawn care company on finding all-natural products that will not damage your beautiful lawn. With the soil prepped, it is time to move on to the returfing step.


Returfing Lawn

At this stage, it is important to decide what type of turf you want; real grass or artificial. There are many benefits to both. It just depends on what you want for your garden and the overall aesthetic.

You should install the lawn immediately on delivery and begin watering within the first 30 minutes if you choose real lawn turf. It will need nutrients, you want it to have the best chance of survival! Especially if you will be walking all over it through the summer months. Just make sure you try not to walk over it immediately, to avoid indentations or air pockets. Once it is fully installed, roll the entire area to remove any of these dips.

For the best results, it is best to work with returfing lawn specialists. You want to get the perfect lawn. So, why not put your faith in the green fingers of a professional lawn care company?



Finally, make sure you give it plenty of water (if you have chosen real grass of course). It’ll be thirsty! This will keep the turf moist until it has fully rooted itself to the remaining soil.

If you have chosen artificial grass, the aftercare process is basically nothing! One of the perks of synthetic is that it needs little maintenance. Ideal for those who are too busy to properly take care of outdoor space; or families with small children


Mow With Us

We understand that changing your garden is a big step. You want the best for your surroundings, but maybe don’t know how to get there? Here at Mow & Grow, we offer local grass cutting services, for the Northamptonshire area. We know that not everyone has the time to put in the love they feel for their garden. And that’s where we come in. Whether you need our expertise on returfing lawn or entirely changing your garden design; our experts will work with you and find out the perfect plan for you.

For more information, or to get an idea of how we can help, fill in our online form here. Or, follow us on Instagram and get our helpful tips on re-turfing lawn straight to your feed.

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