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Like most Brits, once there is a glimpse of the sun, many homeowners live their lives in their gardens; until the expected rain comes back. BBQs, water fights, garden parties… oh my. But, with summer, comes new lawn care plans that once applied, will show you how to get the perfect lawn. Check out these summer lawn tips from a professional lawn care company.



Droughts often occur during the summer months, causing lawns to turn brown and straw-coloured. But do not fret; this is natural and easily avoidable through good lawn maintenance.

Established and well-maintained lawns will always recover once the rain returns. Newly installed turf should be kept well-watered, compared to older lawns that do not require regular watering. Good lawn care at other times of the year, such as aeration and proper feeding, will aid your grassroots; helping their ability to survive and recover from droughts.

It is much better to avoid these problems before they become unmanageable. Therefore, watering should be undertaken at the earliest signs of drought; the grass is still green but is showing signs of stress. If possible, water in the early morning or late evening, when the water is more likely to soak in.



During the summer, frequent cutting might cause nitrogen deficiency in your lawn. Your grass will get everything it needs to thrive if you use an excellent slow-release spring/summer fertiliser. It will also assist to inhibit the growth of weeds and moss.


Top fertilising tips:

  • Fertilize when the soil is damp or when rain is forecast.
  • Fertilize in the evening or on a cloudy day because fertiliser dislikes the sun.
  • After August, don’t use spring/summer fertiliser, as the high nitrogen levels aren’t ideal for fall use.



If weeds are the main issue with your lawn, use a selective lawn weed killer that is specially developed to eliminate weeds while not hurting the grass.

Here at Mow & Grow, we are a professional lawn care business that always makes sure to use organic fertilisers, that can kill any unwanted weeds. For a summer lawn treatment, we use a 50% organic fertiliser which contains bacteria and fungi.



Mow your lawn at least once a week, keeping the grass height to around 1 inch. Ensure that all clippings are collected and composted. We recommend avoiding cutting your grass too short, as this can encourage the growth of weeds and moss. In really hot and dry weather, your lawn will become stressed, so it is best to cut back on mowing and let your grass grow longer.


Sit Back and Relax

What’s the point in knowing how to get the perfect lawn, if you are not going to enjoy it? Studies have shown that spending time in your garden can improve your overall well-being and lower stress levels by 4.2%. Whether this is gardening yourself or just simply sitting outside; your summer lawn should be a place for relaxation. Follow our summer lawn care advice; stretching out your green fingers whilst also calming the mind.


Our Services

But who has the time? Consulting with a professional lawn care company is a great way to hand over this responsibility to the green hands of someone who knows what they’re talking about. Check out our local lawn treatments here.

Mow & Grow is a lawn care professional team based in the Northamptonshire area. We offer a wide range of services that includes lawn treatments and lawn care tips for our customers. Whether it be landscaping or just a general tidy up, we can transform your outdoor space into a place of relaxation. Let us show you how to get the perfect lawn.

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