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There are so many rules to follow when it comes to lawn gardening and often, it is hard to separate the facts from the old wives’ tales. As lawn specialists, we understand the best techniques to ensure your lawn remained healthy and strong no matter what is thrown at it. We all want a beautiful garden at the end of the day! But, just how do you get there? Check out this helpful list of gardening myths you should avoid.


Water Your Lawn Every Day In Summer

Through the different seasons, it is important to make sure your lawn is looked after and well-nourished. However, through summer, it is not necessary to water the grass every day. You may think, due to the heat, that the lawn will need constant water; but too much water can actually harm the grass.

We recommend once a week should be enough. For plants and garden beds, you want your roots to grow deeper and ensure that your plants are self-sufficient. This cannot be done with shallow watering; instead, allow there to be dry periods. Whether this is using a garden hose or an automatic sprinkler; make sure that all your plants and grass are covered, but do not overdo it.


Landscape Fabric Will Keep Weeds Out

There are many disadvantages to using landscape fabric. Though it helps with levelling ground for certain landscaping services and under paving to keep stones from the soil, it is also hard to manage grass and plants through it. You would think that the fabric would smother the weeds down, with the levels of mulch used over. However, this is not a long-term solution. Weeds will eventually grow through or around the landscape fabric; with it being hard to then pull them out.

But there are lawn gardening techniques to get around this problem. Don’t use the fabric to just get rid of the sight of any weeds. There are products in place that can kill weeds and get rid of any mess. Why not try one of our seasonal lawn gardening services? We will review your gardening needs and will control any outbreak of weeds and moss; all with organic fertilisers.


Leaving Grass Clippings Can Cause Thatch

Thatch is the layer that lies between the green and soil. It is comprised of dead grass, resulting in a spongey and thick layer. Too much thatch can result in the grass not growing evenly and further damaging your lawn. It is important to manage the levels of dead grass; check out our Scarificaiton gardening service.

However, the grass clippings left behind after mowing or raking, will not contribute to this level of thatch. Rather, it is a good idea to actually leave behind these trimmings; saving labour and adding nitrogen into your grass. As the grass clippings decompose, they release up to 30% of nutrients, through warmer months of Spring and Summer. Then, remove any excess as you go into Autumn.


Our Gardening Service

Mow & Grow offers local landscaping and lawn gardening services. Based in and around the Northamptonshire area, our team of specialists have experience in overall lawn care and treatment service, covering all seasons. We make sure our customers have the right treatment package, specific to the time of year and what your garden needs. 

As proud members of the UK Lawn Care Association, you can be confident that we will deliver the highest quality of services. Whether it is the standard lawn gardening touch-ups, or constructing gazebos and paved areas. We are here to help! Every step of the way.

For more information on our services, or to receive a quote, fill in our online form. One of our specialists will shortly be in touch. Or, why not follow us on Instagram? Our team posts regular updates on our projects so you can see exactly what we can do! 

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