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The thought of weeds may be a certain gardener’s worst nightmare; trying to find the right grass treatments and vigorous procedures to remove such plants. The writer of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne once said that “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them”.

Whatever you want to call them, most probably, there will be one certain weed that takes over your garden and needs to be controlled through basic lawn care. Check out this helpful list of ways to control your garden weeds from a professional lawn care company.


1) Stop Them From Seeding

When it comes to weeds, the first rule is to never let them seed! Weed early, when the weeds are still little. Some weeds develop hundreds of seeds from a single plant, increasing your weed control issues for years. Get into the habit of examining your garden every day.

Manual regular lawn care, such as pulling weeds out or trimming them to just below the soil line when they’re young, ensures they stop spreading. Make sure you keep your digging shallow to avoid bringing new weed seeds to the surface. When the ground is damp, such as the day after a fresh rain, weeds are easy to eradicate.


2) Don’t Till the Soil

The tilling process can increase a garden’s life and make it healthier; by turning over and breaking up the soil. This basic lawn care tactic is ideal for when organic matter from the grass is needed to mix into the soil and create a ready-to-plant garden bed. But, what about weeds?

You might feel the need to cultivate, but just leave the soil alone! Even light cultivation will bring long-dormant seeds to the surface, where they will develop a strong new crop of weeds when exposed to sunshine. Only disturb the soil when absolutely necessary, and try a no-dig approach through grass treatments.


3) Weed After Rain

From a professional lawn care company, we recommend as soon as you see the weeds, pull them out. Stop them from becoming a problem. And this is most ideal after a period of rain. This is because you can take advantage of the weather, as the soil will be damp and much easier to pull the weeds.

Pulling weeds is arguably the most crucial stage in keeping weeds under control, but you shouldn’t have to waste too much muscle strength pulling them when the soil is hard and dry. Not only is this difficult on the back, but you’ll almost certainly snap off and leave behind parts of roots that will produce more plants. Leaving your efforts in vain.


4) Add Mulch

Meet mulch; a most important friend. Including mulch in your summer lawn care plan is a great way to ensure your soil is healthy, looks good and keeps weeds at bay by denying them light.

A 2-3 inch layer is typically sufficient; especially if you’re fighting slugs and snails that hide in deep mulch. Small organic mulch blocks light more effectively than large clumps of mulch.


5) Rely on a Professional Lawn Care Company

Who has the time? Grass treatments can depend on the current status of the lawn and soil, your landscaping and overall health. Effective lawn treatments will include treating and removing overgrown weeds and ensuring that the lawn remains healthy and strong. At Mow & Grow, all our grass treatments include organic and natural fertilisers that will kill weeds whilst helping the rest of the grass grow.

Some may want to tackle the weeds by themselves, and though these simple steps can prevent weeds from growing, it is important to fully understand the problem before using weed killer. You should use weedkillers sparingly and only when these options have failed. Read the label carefully because the type of herbicide used is determined by a variety of circumstances, including the time of application and the type of weed.

So, make sure you work with a professional lawn care company that offers grass treatments throughout the year; using the correct products for an ensured happy final result.


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