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When it comes to lawn aerating, there are still homeowners out there who do not understand the benefit the procedure can have on their gardens. Simple and regular maintenance is required for lawns to remain healthy and strong; yet lawn aeration has long-term effects where it is not needed on a daily or even monthly basis. 

Find out about the most frequently asked questions on lawn aeration and get your answers from a professional lawn care company. 


When is the Best Time to Aerate Lawn? 

Different weather conditions affect your soil in different ways, it is vital to aerate your lawn at the proper time to get the best benefits. The best time to remove the soil plugs is during the growing season, either early or late spring or autumn. This allows the grass to mend and organically fill in any patchy areas that may arise after you remove them.

Lawn aeration can be difficult in extremely hot weather due to dry soil, and in the colder months, hard, frozen soil becomes harder to penetrate efficiently. So, it is critical to know when aerating the lawn.


What Equipment Do You Use For Lawn Aeration?

The process of lawn aeration can be accomplished with either a manual or a power tool that is controlled standing up. For equipment, a spike lawn aerator and a plug lawn aerator are the two most common forms. 

A spike lawn aerator is a landscaping tool that helps you create small holes into the turf with a strong tine. Whereas, a plug aerator (or a core aerator) removes a plug of grass and soil. The technique is carried out via spikes, which are hollow cylinders. A spike lawn aerator makes shallower holes, however, it requires more work and does not provide as much coverage as the spike aerator.


How Often Should You Aerate Lawn?

Here at Mow & Grow, we recommend lawn aerating at least once a year for optimised results; especially in gardens with heavy foot traffic. Done properly, lawn aeration reduces soil compacting and prunes the roots to stimulate development; all whilst allowing the water and nutrients to reach the roots directly. However, in gardens that have harsh weather conditions or climates, lawn aerating may need to be performed more often. Work with a lawn care company, like Mow & Grow, to find out how often you should aerate your lawn. 

After lawn aeration, healthy lawns with a thick sward do not require over-seeding. However, for thin or barren lawns, extra over-seeding may help thicken the grass. Make sure to confer with a professional lawn care company on what is the best lawn treatment specific for your grass. Find out more about our lawn renovation services here.


How Can You Tell If Your Lawn Needs Aerating?

But, how can you tell whether your lawn surface needs aerating? Well, there are a few key signs to spot. Lawns that have been neglected become compacted and it is easy to identify when lawn aerating is required by looking for:

  • Thatch Layer – When there is a clear thatch layer on top of your grass, this is a clear indication of poor air consumption and compaction. This stops the soil from receiving the required amount of air and water
  • Grass Colour – Compacted lawn patches typically appear dry. Adding fertiliser to this area can help identify what is wrong. If the grass turns blue, then the soil is compacted as it cannot properly absorb the fertiliser. Then, lawn aeration is required.
  • Rapid Drying – A lawn with inadequate moisture-holding properties will dry more quickly than other, healthier lawns. If you’re uncertain, check with a professional lawn care company, like Mow & Grow.


Is Lawn Aerating Worth It?

Lawn turfs struggle in stressful situations, such as heat and poor rainfall. They are deprived of their essential needs by compacted soil, losing their healthy, rich colour. Grasses thin down over time and eventually die off due to a shortage of oxygen, water, and nutrients just inches away. Even single lawn aeration can help.


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