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How do you solve a problem like a patchy lawn? Your garden design might be extravagant, but if your main feature isn’t holding its own, it can bring the entire aesthetic down. However, renovating or re-turfing lawn is a great way to keep your garden fresh and healthy, throughout the year. But what is better? Well, not better overall, just what is the preferable choice specifically for you and your needs.


You should first assess your garden situation. Is there a lot of weeds or moss? Does the grass look healthy? Or is your lawn looking thin, patchy and uneven? Checking the soil is also a great way to decide what your next step should be. Cut a small wedge out of your lawn. If there is a spongy layer of organic matter, thicker than 1.5 cm, you have excessive thatch; which will eventually block nutrients from reaching roots and choke the grass. If your grass is either too soggy or dries out too quickly, this might mean you need a change.

Renovating vs Re-Turfing

The Renovating process primarily consists of trying to repair the damage and reseed areas to get the lawn thick and healthy once more. By scarification, elements such as dead grass and excessive thatch are removed from the current layer. Aeration, in which holes are mechanically punched into the lawn, is then done to allow air and nutrients down to the roots. We recommend following this renovation process with a tailored lawn treatment. Consult with a lawn care company to find out how to get the perfect lawn, all year round. Renovation is a cheaper option, as there are many smaller steps, rather than a complete change. For more information, click here.


Re-Turfing is the process of removing all of the old lawn and replacing it with new grass. Though it can be a DIY job, there are many steps to ensure maximum results and a professional turfing company should be considered. Re-turfing a lawn allows you to instantly get a brand new garden, without having to wait for any growth. It is replacing your old lawn, which potentially has a pest or a weed problem and starts all over again. You might want to consider re-turfing if your lawn is too old, too damaged to renovate or if the levels are uneven. A professional lawn care company will make sure the ground is right before the process. For more information, click here.

What You Should Consider

A primary factor to consider, if you are re-turfing, is whether you have artificial or real grass. There are many benefits for both. Real grass is altogether better for the environment, working with the rest of nature to take in carbon and has been known to reduce stress and improve wellness. However, time is needed to ensure the lawn remains healthy and fresh. Artificial grass, on the other hand, needs little maintenance and can be walked on throughout the year, without the worry of damage. Yet, it is the more expensive of the two choices and this can add up depending on how big your space is. Both are viable options and are worth consulting with a professional turfing company.


Whatever you decide, it is important to not just lay new turf over your existing lawn. Though it will save time and you can do it by yourself, you are more prone to damage and less likely to get the healthiest grass possible. You might think it is a hack, getting out of the effort it will take, but you will soon see your new turf deteriorate, as the old soil compacts, leaving uneven levels. Work with a local lawn treatment company that will guide you through whichever process you decide.


Our Services

We understand that changing your garden is a big step. You want the best for your surroundings, but maybe don’t know how to get there? Here at Mow & Grow, we offer local grass cutting services, for the Northamptonshire area. We know that not everyone has the time to put in the love they feel for their garden. And that’s where we come in. Whether your need professional turfing or to entirely change your garden design; our experts will work with you and find out the perfect plan for you.

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