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Landscaping is a great way to add different elements to a garden, making it stand out and provide various functions. Having a decking area is nothing new, however, it has traditionally been made out of wood. But, what about composite decking?

Though it has been around since the 1990s, most recently it has been becoming the latest trend; when our lives were confined to the boundaries of our homes.

But, is composite decking for you? Find out the benefits here and how the right deck boards can transform your home.


What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking involves deck boards that have cores constructed of either 100% polymer or a mix of organic wood flakes and polymers. They are man-made terrain that adds an extra layer to a garden and are perfect for outdoor events, such as BBQs.

There are many benefits to the installation of composite decking boards, even some that make them the better choice compared to standard wood.


Low Maintenance

You might think that wooden decking only requires initial installation, however, you perhaps may be surprised by the amount of time that is needed for long-term maintenance. Throughout the year, the decking has to tackle severe winter conditions; including, torrential rain, glaring sun and strong winds. From this, wooden decking needs frequent washing and potential re-staining, leading to money spent on landscaping treatments.

However, with composite decking, these boards are easy to maintain and can save homeowners time and money that would be spent on repairs. As they are smooth surfaces, the boards do not need power washing or repainting; just a general tidy with a hose will suffice. When spending time in the garden, it shouldn’t just be cleaning. You want to enjoy your outdoor space; composite deck material looks great, easy to install and is cheaper in the long run.



Unlike other flooring materials, composite deck boards come in a wide range of colours. Wooden decks may become stained over time, requiring a series of touch-ups. However, this is not the case for composite decking. This means that you can choose the colour that matches your home’s aesthetic the most; rather than having to paint wood. This saves time and money that would be spent on paints; allowing you to have an instant deck for all your outdoor plans.

If you like the look of traditional wooden decking, but hate the amount of maintenance that comes with it, composite might be your best alternative. There are so many different styles of this decking; even some options that already look like wood. All without the troubles.


Environmentally Friendly

One of the downsides of wooden flooring is that trees are chopped down to turn into these materials. But, this is not the case for composite. As these decking boards are primarily recycled, or made from scrap materials, composite decking has hardly any environmental impact. They still have the look whilst helping lower the planet’s carbon footprint.

Also, certain composite decking boards are UV resistant. The sun is a powerful device; its powerful rays can affect furnishings and make them fade. Whereas, composite decking is made out of durable material. The boards, therefore, are more resistant to fading.


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