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Landscaping involves making design changes to an area of land, including plants, the terrain or structures. It is a work of art that can define and encapsulate beauty, through the use of natural elements and manmade creations. For residential gardens, landscaping can showcase someone’s personality; presenting how much they care about their surroundings. It also is a great project to take on, catering and adding different elements until you find exactly what you want.


There are many elements to landscaping that can change your garden; either small changes or drastic ones that could reinvent the entire aesthetic. Whether these are planting different types of flowers, or creating manufactured features such as a pond. Landscaping comes in many shapes and sizes, changing your garden to make it best suit you. Here are some examples that could be incorporated into your next creative session.



Though seemingly the simplest form of landscaping, gardening is a great way to get bright colours populating your outside area. You can mix and match different flowers, or even grow a vegetable patch, adding vibrancy and liveliness to your garden. It’s a great way for a quick change and allows you to get creative with your inputs. 


Gardening can be done by anyone, although who has the time? Why not hire a professional garden design team? Kick back and relax, leaving your garden in very capable hands. You can work with specialists, making sure your ideas are met and executed. Click here for more information.



Decking can be a great alternative to grass, diversifying the terrain in your garden and breaking it up into specific areas. This feature can change your overall aesthetic, giving it a more rustic feel and allowing you a better space to entertain guests during the warmer months. It is ideal for those who love a BBQ, or spending time as a family outside.


Wooden decking does require a certain amount of maintenance. Make sure you regularly stain and clean your decking to keep it looking its best. We recommend using a jet washer or even a mop after winter, making sure that the decking doesn’t become too slippery. You should also be wary of algae or moss build-up, which would turn your decking green. Do this by making sure leaves or debris is swept away and that built-up moisture is cleaned.   


Composite decking, however, does not require much conservation. It is a man-made material that comes in a range of colours. Initially, composite can be more costly, however, due to the lack of maintenance needed, you will not need to spend any additional money to keep it looking clean; with this eventually paying itself.


Patio or Paved Areas

Building a paved area can highlight certain areas of your garden. You have planted lovely flowers and using a pathway that winds through these can show them off even more. Paved areas can allow you to also walk through your garden, without worrying about ruining the grass. Having a path leading to a paved area can emit relaxation, allowing you a place to sit back and enjoy your garden. Much like decking, they are incredibly durable, lasting through all aspects of weather; from rain to strong winds and snow. If you are worried about your patio, you can reinforce safety with added components such as steel.  


Our Services

Here at Mow & Grow, we understand that not everyone has time to properly care for their gardens. When you work a 9-5, chances are you’re not going to want to get the ol’ mower out. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want your lawn to look healthy, strong and creatively designed. Why not hire a professional lawn care business? We have several years of experience, providing the Northamptonshire area with a high-quality lawn care routine and landscape design elements that can turn any overgrown garden, into a tranquil place to relax.

For more information on our landscaping services or to receive a free quote, fill in our online form and a member of our team will shortly be in touch. Or, give us a call on 07962 884447 and speak to us today.

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