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As we approach summer, it is expected that more people will want to spend their time in their gardens. BBQ? Wanting to tan? Trying to entertain the kids? Whatever the case, there are many local landscaping services that can enhance an outdoor space and optimise it for whatever is needed. Laying patio is a great idea that can highlight certain areas, with the use of man-made terrain.

But what should you know about laying patio? Check out this helpful list of ways you can improve your garden this summer!


Prepare the Area

So, you’ve decided where you want your patio. Great! It is important to plan first; visualising the patio area and the effect you would like it to have. For example, are you wanting an easy path to walk on? Maybe it is to surround a garden or water feature? Mark the area first; this could be with items such as pegs or string. You don’t want to start digging, then realise your patio is completely in the shade. Or does not meet your overall vision.

Then, you will need to prepare the patio site. Remove any excess materials, such as old paving, concrete or grass. Dig a depth of around 150mm, ensuring that the soil is level and compacted. Your sub-base can then be tipped in. Ensure everything is level and smooth before moving on to the next step.


Create a Concrete

You will next need to prepare a concrete mix; as this would depend on the application, this can be a different mix of aggregates. We recommend six parts sand to one cement, however, make sure you first collaborate with a professional landscaping company beforehand. It will need to be able to retain its shape, yet still, be malleable. Once this is completed, you are ready to pour the substance to create a layer. Only pour enough for one slab at a time.


Laying Patio Stones or Slabs

Before laying the patio, make sure you have correctly chosen your materials. The most popular paving choices for patios include concrete, stone and block. So make sure you choose the correct option for your garden’s aesthetic.

Once you are ready to lay your slabs, dampen them first so they do not dry out the concrete. Depending on your choice of material, you may need to apply a bonding slurry to ensure adhesion to the layered bed. Make sure there is full contact with the cement bed so that there is no movement over time. Then, lay down your slabs. You should leave a 10-15mm gap between each patio slab, until you have the desired effect. After completion, spray the area with water and leave it to set for 24 hours.

How you choose to lay your patio slabs is completely up to you. Whether this is creating a linear path through your garden, or in a random pattern of your choosing. Laying patio is a great way to highlight certain features of your garden and stop as much foot traffic affecting your grass. These slabs can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so ensure you are working with a patio builder that can offer their expertise.


However, a DIY patio sometimes can end in disaster. Why not hire a reliable local landscaping company? Put your trust in a professional lawn care company that will safely and efficiently install a patio; offering up designs and aftercare solutions.


Mow With Us!

Mow & Grow is a local lawn care company that offers high-quality landscaping services. We understand that not everyone will have time to properly give their garden the love it deserves. Based in and around the Northamptonshire area, our specialists have years of experience, in designing and managing gardens.

For more information on our landscaping services or to receive a free quote, fill in our online form and a member of our team will shortly be in touch. Whether this is laying a patio or bespoke garden design; we are here to help!

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