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There are many reasons why your grass is turning brown; with the final problem being that the turf is dead. But there are a variety of reasons why your grass is going brown. Like a baby, you need to regularly maintain lawns to keep them healthy and strong. So, it might be as simple as that your grass needs watering or is hungry. However, proper lawn care can ensure that further complications do not develop in the future. 

Is Your Grass Dormant?

Though brown grass may suggest to you that your grass is dead, this might not be the case. It could simply be dormant; implying that growth has slowed down and the grass getting less green. Check for a uniform brown colour; if it is all over your lawn, it is most likely dormant. But, how else can you tell?

Firstly, pull it tight. If the grass easily peels away from the earth, they are most likely dead. The plants are dormant, however, if the roots retain firm when pulled. For those with cool-season grass with extended periods of extreme heat, this could be responsible for your lawn turning brown.

The solution? You could play the long game and wait till the grass is in the season to see if it grows back. However, if it is not dormant and is dead, this could be time well spent on other aspects of your lawn care. Work with a professional lawn care company to know what to do when it comes to regular lawn maintenance of your garden.


The Grass Has a Disease

Much like the rest of us, illness can overcome grass as well. So pay attention. Is your lawn starting to turn brown in spots? A brown dead area where the grass has died, but a lighter yellowish-brown ring around it where the fungus is spreading, is common in fungus-affected lawns. But what can you do?

It all depends on the disease. Fungicides can be used to cure a variety of diseases and revitalise brown grass. A professional lawn care service can assess these situations and use organic and natural solutions to treat the disease. Find out more about lawn diseases here. To avoid spreading the disease to other sections of your garden, make sure you clean all your lawn equipment and tools after use.


Summer Lawn vs. Bugs

Your lawn is basically a massive bug buffet. All you can eat on grass and other plants. Many insects enjoy feasting, with grubs being the most common offenders. These insects gorge themselves on your lawn’s roots, turning entire swaths brown, wilting, and dying.

A lawn care professional can assist you in determining which bug or bugs are causing damage to your lawn and will likely recommend an insecticide or other treatment to eliminate them.


Mow & Grow

Mow & Grow is a professional lawn care company that puts its customers first. With over 15 years of experience, our lawn care experts can help with a variety of services; including landscaping, garden design and provide lawn mow service. 

Based in the Northamptonshire area, we provide local landscaping in towns such as Kettering and Wellingborough, in addition to a free consultation to those in the area. To find out more about weeding and general lawn care, check out our previous article.

For more information on our lawn care service, or to receive a free quote, why not fill in our online form? Or, follow us on Instagram to get lawn care tips delivered straight to your feed.  

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