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What Should You Do With Your Grass Clippings After Mowing?

lawn mowing service near me lawn care grass clippings

Have you ever looked at your garden and had no idea where to begin with mowing? Or asked the question, “where is a lawn mowing service near me?” Professional lawn care companies can help with a variety of services to maintain your lawn and its overall appearance. But, it is still important to understand certain […]

The Benefits of Installing Brick Paving in Your Gardens

brick paving in gardens

Including brick paving into driveways and gardens can be a great cost-effective and stylistic choice for your home. It can highlight certain areas that you want to focus on and provides an ideal environment for relaxation throughout the summer months. There are many benefits to installing brick paving or block paving into homes, no matter […]

How Can Grass Maintenance Help Treat Lawn Disease

grass maintenance lawn disease

You might not think that lawn disease exists; thinking it is only a human condition. That is why overall grass maintenance will spot these problems so that necessary changes can be made. It rarely causes serious problems, but to maintain your garden’s health and strength, is it important to identify lawn disease; get regular grass […]

Contemporary Garden Design Ideas For Dog-Friendly Lawns

contemporary garden design ideas for dogs

When planning contemporary garden design ideas, there are a number of factors to consider. What aesthetic do you want to project? The functionality of the garden space. And who is going to use it the most? Chances are, dog owners will want to spend their time playing with their pets in their garden. But, it […]

What Should You Know About Treating Lawns This Summer?

treating lawns

When treating lawns, there are many steps in order to maintain a healthy and green lawn. Here at Mow & Grow, our lawn care experts want to make sure you’re not just simply watering your lawn, but that you’re caring for it properly with specialised lawn care plans.    Understand Your Grass There are two […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Aerating

lawn aerating questions

When it comes to lawn aerating, there are still homeowners out there who do not understand the benefit the procedure can have on their gardens. Simple and regular maintenance is required for lawns to remain healthy and strong; yet lawn aeration has long-term effects where it is not needed on a daily or even monthly […]

Why is My Lawn Going Brown? And, How Can Lawn Care Fix It?

lawn care turning brown grass

There are many reasons why your grass is turning brown; with the final problem being that the turf is dead. But there are a variety of reasons why your grass is going brown. Like a baby, you need to regularly maintain lawns to keep them healthy and strong. So, it might be as simple as […]

What Are the Five Elements of Landscaping Design?

mow and grow lawn care company landscaping design

When it comes to landscaping design, there are a number of elements to consider. It might seem intimidating, especially if you are starting from scratch. Where do you begin? Here at Mow & Grow, we provide local landscaping services to towns such as Rushden, Wellingborough and Thrapston. We understand the fundamentals of landscape design and […]

How to Prevent Weeds From Becoming a Problem

weeds grass treatments

The thought of weeds may be a certain gardener’s worst nightmare; trying to find the right grass treatments and vigorous procedures to remove such plants. The writer of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne once said that “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them”. Whatever you want to call them, most probably, there […]

Lawn Care Tips For This Summer

lawn care tips

Like most Brits, once there is a glimpse of the sun, many homeowners live their lives in their gardens; until the expected rain comes back. BBQs, water fights, garden parties… oh my. But, with summer, comes new lawn care plans that once applied, will show you how to get the perfect lawn. Check out these […]